The Untethered Soul – Review

Few books fill me the way The Untethered Soul has. Even fewer have I picked up a second and third time. It is my go-to book when someone asks me what is your favorite book? Or what book changed your life? The book is impacting to me that I have bought several print copies, one in hard back for taking notes and I have the audio book as well. 

It's that good.

If you've read any of my other book reviews, you know I read books that teach about the inner journey. Books about "who am I?" I have come to realize that nearly every one of us asks that question sometimes more than once. Who you are is not "wife", "partner", "teacher", "student", fifty something years old...

From Singer I learned that who you are is the one who watches all those aspects of you. He is the first person to make that crystal clear to me. You know, when you're watching a TV show and part of you is saying, "isn't he handsome" and another part of you is wondering if the pizza guy is about to knock, while yet another voice comments that the dog must have left a pile behind the couch again"...

You know what I mean. You have those odd rambling conversations in your head all the time. Elsewhere I have learned about my different aspects. You know there's an aspect of you that wants pizza, yet another aspect says that is not on the diet and yet another aspect of you is nagging you to get exercise while yet another aspect is more interested in watching another binge of Grey's Anatomy! It used to bug the daylights out of me - all that noise, chatter. My mind was never quiet!!

But Singer helps you to know "Who am I?" in all that noise. What's more is that he teaches in the simplest terms how to stop the chatter - getting all those aspects of you to chill.

The whole book has an "aha" on nearly every page but the chapters that meant the most to me are further along. An example, Pain - The Price of Liberty. I understood for the first time that pain - both physical but more importantly, emotional, serve a very important purpose and spending my life trying to avoid it is like avoiding the sun while walking on  a cloudless day. If we try to avoid pain we are not going to grow. If you are like me you WANT to grow. So, as crazy as it sounds, now I don't get shocked when "bad stuff" happens. I ask, what am I supposed to learn? How is this to make me whole as a person?

I could go on and on but I am going to encourage you to find a copy of The Untethered Soul. Better yet, get the Audible version.

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