Is there a God?

The short answer: Yes.

Yes, I believe in a creator God, Father, Source, Great Spirit. I believe there is a power greater than all that made it all. Who made a big bang, if you will, to start what we know as the universe.

I also believe he made himself manifest to us in varied forms and through different means. I believe that the vastness of the universe and the opposite but even more vast inner conscience.

How did I find God?

My own story began not unlike most young adults on the brink of independence. On entering adulthood, I was scared. I had already been laughed at, failed miserably at a menial job, disappointed my parents, said goodbye to too many friends. I was unhappy. I really just wanted to hide under a rock.

Some kids go to drugs, sex or alcohol. I guess I was odd. I sought solace in religion. I found a church that gave me answers and gave me a group to be part of.

From that group, I ended up finding a man who made me feel safe and we got married. 35 plus years later I am still married to that man but both of us have changed so much. We have grown together and apart and back together again as we both grew in our separate understanding of God.

Actually, I can credit Hubs for throwing the religion under the bus. He basically got me to question the “sola scriptura” I had firmly chained myself to. By tossing the occasional comment that Paul was a self-appointed apostle. That Jesus was a good man and leader of a small Jewish sect that later came to be called Christian but not the son of God and Savior.

Jesus, not son of God

Can I tell you that the day God showed me that, I literally died.¬†I cried and sobbed and didn’t think I could live. If Jesus wasn’t the Savior, how could I go to heaven and live for all eternity with him?? Essentially, I have come to know that God saved me and not in the sense of Christian salvation. But by setting me free to live and explore His vast inner and outer creation.

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