I want to be fixed – NOW!

“I want to be fixed – NOW!”

Anyone else feel like that? Kinda like a whiny kid in the store, I get to stomping my feet (mentally). I want to remember it will take time to turn this ship around. I want to remember that it took time to become who I am and it will take time to change some bad habits and add new good ones. I want to be patient with me, right where I am.

I want to accept me now for who I am or I find I stay stuck, like a truck in a muddy rut. The only way to get out of that muddy rut is to stop and accept the situation. Then allow the mind to come up with a plan to get out of the rut.

Life is a process, a journey, taken one step at a time. I think I, we, have been tricked because of this instant gratification society into thinking we can get it all now. Well, maybe you can fulfill that craving for a frappe or a chicken burrito – now. But learning to meditate? Organizing my life? Changing the way I think about me? Those will take time. and practice.

A wise friend told me that when I say I want to be fixed indicates I think I am broken. That I don’t love me. Wow. I have been so busy loving everyone else for who they are, I forgot to love me for who I am.

So, I purpose to accept me right where I am today and take each new moment as it comes, consciously choosing the next steps. I purpose to love me right where I am and know that I am free to change. And breathe…just breathe.

(originally posted in a group I am part of)

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