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Spiritual Breadcrumbs

Following is an excerpt in which my mom and I discuss one of my daughter’s personal struggles which are ALWAYS always based in a spiritual struggle. Mom (her grandmother) wants on some level to helpĀ her as do I and we are in so far as we can. The following is part of the discussion as to how much we should help and why we need to just let things unfold. Yes, I took out the names. … Read More …

talks with mom

My talks with Mom are very personal. Deep down soul searching, spill my guts labors of love. Sometimes I include her responses but more often I just put down my side of the convo.

Mom always listened. She always offered advice but always let me take my own direction. I see now how hard it is to love your child so much; to watch with great trepidation the direction she takes; to purposely look the other way to let them fall. But to be there when they need something. Kinda like God. And the story of the Prodigal. A good parent lets the son/daughter go but is there when the child needs them.

That’s my mom. She let me go. She didn’t cling. She didn’t invest herself in me, insisting I fulfill something for her. She wisely knew I had a journey to take.

I created a category – Talks with Mom – so I could record my ramblings with Mom. Each time I spill on the page, I learn something about me. Maybe you’ll see a common thread or find a bit you can identify with as well. If it helps you to read my ramblings, then I am blessed.

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