Switch the Flip is all about taking life on after a lifetime of meek, lame decisions. After fitting in, going with the flow – basically following the crowd, Cheryl Hines began to rethink life. John Malkovich’s character in the movie, Red, is where she heard it first: “Switch the flip!” The rest is history.

Here you will read the story of a woman transforming – taking life on – no holds barred. Every topic is open to discussion: health, diet, graceful aging (no, fearless aging!), religion, parenting, homeschooling… you name it.

This is a very personal site and therefore there are no comments open. However, there may be a Facebook page where you can connect with her in the future.

Cheryl does freelance writing as well. Visit my Hire Me page to learn more.

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I am a real, live person with a family. I run my business from home. Please respect our privacy. If you need to contact me via mail:

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